Become a More Successful Salesperson or Team Leader


Lou Sepulveda Consulting and Training offers a variety of training seminars to help improve sales teams. Each seminar is worth a certain amount of CEU credits based off its length. If you combine two or more seminars, you can earn additional CEU credits. Your investment for any of the following seminars is $3,000 plus travel and hotel per day. If you are interested in hiring us for a seminar, give us a call.


Training Seminars


  • The Formula for Selling & Closing More - 2 Hours 2 CEU Credits

  • Handling Objections & Closing the Sale - 3 Hours 3 CEU Credits

  • Prospecting for Gold (Leads) - 3 Hours 3 CEU Credits

  • Recruiting Managing & Motivating a Productive Sales Force - 4 Hours 4 CEU Credits