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How to Be Successful at Sales & Sales Management

Every salesperson and manager wants to be more successful. First we brought you The Formula for Selling Alarm Systems and Surviving in the Security Alarm Business, now Lou Sepulveda Consulting and Training in New Orleans, Louisiana, proudly brings you amazing e-books that will teach you how to close more sales and lead an unstoppable sales team.

How to Manage a Security Sales Organization by Lou Sepulveda CPP

Do you want to be a successful security sales team manager? In his new e-book, author Lou Sepulveda will teach you the same sales and developmentsales and 

development techniques that made him an international success.

In this book, you will learn the secrets of developing door-to-door sales teams and how to hire, develop, train, and build a team that shatters corporate records.


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Handing Objections & Closing the Sale - Audio


Listen to live roleplay where Lou demonstrates how to handle the most common objections sales people face.


  • I want to think about it

  • I want to shop around

  • Your price is too high

  • I have a dog

  • I have a gun

  • I live in a safe area

  • I've never had a problem

  • I have great insurance


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Selling Security Systems Like a Pro by Lou Sepulveda

Do you want find more leads and close more sales? New and experienced security salespeople can all learn from Lou's 40 plus years of experience. The author has sold to thousands of people over his career, and he has trained security professionals in every state and in 30 countries. For the low price of $29.95 you will learn:

• 12 Closes That Will Insure You Close More Sales
• How to Deliver a Polished Presentation Guaranteed to Sell
• How to Prospect for Sales Leads
• The Top Objections You Will Face & How to Answer Them Like a Pro

Order your copy today for only $29.95.